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Research: paper statements and study interfaces included in the interaction-cost paper

We include a full list of paper statements and design recommendations from the 32 publications analyzed for the study reported in the submitted paper: A Framework of Interaction Costs in Information Visualization. The publications used in our analysis are listed alphabetically by first authors. Each paper statement is annotated by the interaction cost to which it belongs, as well as the section where the cost is discussed in the submitted paper. We also include study interfaces where appropriate. Publications and paper statements (partial or whole) that are not included in the submitted paper are italized.

Last updated March 31, 2008.


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Abello et al. ASK-Graph View: A Large Scale Graph Visualization System. In IEEE InfoVis/TVCG 12(5):669–676, 2006.

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Bederson et al. DateLens: A Fisheye Calendar Interface for PDAs. ACM TOCHI, 11(1):90–119, 2004.

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Buering et al. User Interaction With Scatterplots on Small Screens—A Comparative Evaluation of Geometric-Semantic Zoom and Fisheye Distortion. IEEE InfoVis/TVCG 12(5):829–836, 2006.

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Crampes et al. Concept Maps for Designing Adaptive Knowledge Maps. Information Visualization, 5(3):192–224, 2006.

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Chung et al. Evaluating Event Visualization: A Usability Study of COPLINK Spatio-Temporal Visualizer. IJHCS 62(1):127–157, 2005.

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Chung. Studying Information Seeking on the Non-English Web: An Experiment on a Spanish Business Web Portal. IJHCS 64(9):811–829, 2006.

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Granitzer et al. Evaluating a System for Interactive Exploration of Large, Hierarchically Structured Document Repositories. In Proc IEEE InfoVis, p. 127–134, 2004.

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Heer and Boyd. Vizster: Visualizing Online Social Networks. In Proc IEEE InfoVis, p.33–40, 2005.

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Hetzler et al. Turning the Bucket of Text into a Pipe. In Proc IEEE Infovis, p.269–276, 2005.

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Hornbæk et al. Reading Patterns and Usability in Visualization of Electronic Documents. ACM TOCHI 10(2):119–149, 2003.

Toggle detail 11. Hornbæk et al. Navigation Patterns and Usability of Zoomable User Interfaces with and without an Overview. ACM TOCHI 9(4):362–389, 2002.
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Hornbæk and Hertzum. Untangling the Usability of Fisheye Menus. ACM TOCHI 14(2), 2007.

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Hubona et al. The Effects of Motion and Stereopsis on Three-dimensional Visualization. IJHCS, 47(5):609–627, 1997.

Toggle detail 14. Kang et al.: NetLens: Iterative Exploration of Content-Action Network Data. Information Visualization 6(1): 18-31, 2007.
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Kobsa. An Empirical Comparison of Three Commerical Information Visualization Systems. In Proc IEEE InfoVis, pages 123–130, 2001.

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Kumar et al. Browsing Hierarchical Data with Multi-level Dyanmic Queries and Pruning. IJHCS, 46(1):103–124, 1997.

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Lam et al. Overview Use in Multiple Visual Information Resolution Interfaces. IEEE Infovis/TVCG 13(6):1278-1283, 2007.

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Li and North. Empirical Comparison of Dynamic Query Sliders And Brushing Histograms. In Proc IEEE InfoVis, p.147–153, 2003.

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McGuffin et al. Expand-ahead: A Space-Filling Strategy for Browsing Trees. In IEEE Proc InfoVis, p.119–126, 2004.

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McGuffin and Balakrishnan. Fitt's Law and Expanding Targets: Experimental Studies and Designs for User Interfaces. ACM TOCHI 12(4):388-422, 2005.

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North and Shneiderman. Snap-Together Visualization: Can Users Construct and Operate Coordinated Visualizations. IJHCS 53(5):715–739, 2000.

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Plumlee and Ware. Zooming, Multiple Windows, and Visual Working Memory. ACM TOCHI 13(2):179–209, 2006.

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Robertson et al. Animated Visualization of Multiple Intersecting Hierarchies. Information Visualization 1(1):50–65, 2002.

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Saraiya et al. An Evaluation of Microarray Visualization Tools for Biological Insight. In Proc IEEE InfoVis, p.1–8, 2004.

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Saraiya et al. Visualization of Graphs with Associated Timeseries Data. In Proc IEEE InfoVis, p.225–232, 2005.

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Sears and Shneiderman. Split Menus: Effectively Using Selection Frequency to Organize Menus. ACM TOCHI, 1(1):27–51, 1994.

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Sedig et al. Application of Information Visualization Techniques to the Design of a Mathematical Mindtool: A Usability Study. Information Visualization, 2(3):142–159, 2003.

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Shi et al. 2005: An Evaluation of Content Browsing Techniques for Hierarchical Space-Filling Visualizations. In Proc Infovis, p. 81–88, 2005.

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Siirtola and Mäkinen. Constructing and Reconstructing the Reorderable Matrix. Information Visualization, 4(1):32–48, 2005.

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Sutcliffe et al. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Visual User Interfaces for Information Retrieval. IJHCS, 53(5):741–763, 2000.

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Westerman et al. Browsing a Document Collection Represented in Two- and Three-Dimensional Virtual Information Space. IJHCS, 62(6):713–736, 2005.

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Yi et al. Dust & Magnet: Multivariate Information Visualization Using a Magnet Metaphor. Information Visualization, 4(4):239–256, 2005.