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Research: study interfaces included in summary synthesis

We included 22 experimental-simulation studies of multiple visual information resolution (VIR) interfaces in our summary synthesis, which is a systematic review to derive broader guidelines for multiple-VIR interface designs. As a reference, this page lists the interfaces in these studies arranged alphabetically by first authors.

Last updated February 9, 2008.

Toggle detail [FCScreen] Baudisch et al. 2002: Keeping Things in Context: A Comparative Evaluation of Focus Plus Context Screens, Overviews
Toggle detail [Fishnet] Baudisch et al. 2004: Fishnet, a Fisheye Web Browser with Search Term Popouts: A Comparative Evaluation with Overview and Linear View
Toggle detail [DateLens] Bederson et al. 2004: DateLens: A Fisheye Calendar Interface for PDAs
Toggle detail [ScatterPlot] Buring et al. 2006: User Interaction with Scatterplots On Small Screens—A Comparative Evaluation of Geometric-Semantic Zoom and Fisheye Distortion
Toggle detail [ElideSrc] Cockburn and Smith 2003: Hidden Message: Evaluating the Efficiency of Code Elision in Program Navigation
Toggle detail [FishSteer] Gutwin and Skopik 2003: Fisheye Views are Good for Large Steering Tasks
[BigOnSmall] Gutwin and Fedak 2004: Interacting with Big Interfaces on Small Screens: a Comparison of Fisheye, Zoom, and Panning Techniques
Toggle detail [eDoc] Hornbæk and Frokjær 2001: Reading of Electronic Documents: The Usability of Linear, Fisheye and Overview+Detail Interfaces
Hornbæk et al. 2003: Reading Patterns and Usability in Visualization of Electronic Documents
Toggle detail [ZuiNav] Hornbæk et al. 2002: Navigation Patterns and Usability of Zoomable User Interfaces with and without an Overview
Toggle detail [FishMenu] Hornbæk and Hertzum 2007: Untangling the Usability of Fisheye Menus
Toggle detail [FishSrc] Jakobsen and Hornbæk 2006: Evaluating a Fisheye View of Source Code
Toggle detail [SumTbl] Lam and Baudisch 2005: Summary Thumbnails: Readable Overviews for Small Screen Web Browsers
Toggle detail [LineGr] Lam et al. 2007: Overview Use in Multiple Visual Information Resolution Interfaces
Toggle detail [RubNav] Nekrasovski et al. 2006: An Evaluation of Pan and Zoom and Rubber Sheet Navigation
Toggle detail [Snap] North and Shneiderman 2000: Snap-Together Visualization: Can Users Construct and Operate Coordinated Visualizations
Toggle detail [SpaceTree] Plaisant et al. 2002: SpaceTree: Supporting Exploration in Large Node Link Tree, Design Evolution and Empirical Evaluation
Toggle detail [VisMem] Plumlee and Ware 2006: Zooming, Multiple Windows, and Visual Working Memory
Toggle detail [InfoScent] Pirolli et al. 2003: The Effects of Information Scent on Visual Search in the Hyperbolic Tree Browser
Toggle detail [TimeGr] Saraiya et al. 2005: Visualization of Graphs with Associated Timeseries Data
Toggle detail [FishRadar] Schafer and Bowman 2003: A Comparison of Traditional and Fisheye Radar View Techniques for Spatial Collaboration
Toggle detail [FishNav] Schaffer et al. 1996: Navigating Hierarchically Clustered Networks through Fisheye and Full-Zoom Methods
Toggle detail [SpaceFill] Shi et al. 2005: An Evaluation of Content Browsing Techniques for Hierarchical Space-Filling Visualizations